A Portland supper club for social justice. Our monthly benefit dinners emphasize rustic, handcrafted cuisine and local ingredients.


Founded in 2014 by chefs Jen Datka and Emily Park, Meadowlark is a Portland-based supper club that hosts pop-up dinners around the Pacific Northwest. Our emphasis is on local, seasonal cuisine and handcrafted ingredients—virtually everything we serve is made from scratch. Each of our dinners focuses on a different cuisine, theme, or cultural event, but we always offer a sustainably sourced meal and a welcoming, convivial atmosphere.

In response to the political climate following the 2016 election, Meadowlark has decided to put our passion for food and community to work in support of the causes we believe in. Beginning in January 2017, 100 percent of the profits from each of our Sunday suppers are being donated to a different social justice organization. Thanks to everyone who has attended our events so far this year, we've raised almost $6,000 to date: $737 for the ACLU of Oregon, $1,176 for Planned Parenthood, $825 for the MRG Foundation, $1,050 for Cascade AIDS Project, $1,020 for Causa Oregon, and $946 for the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Ladies Behind the Bird

Jen is a graduate of the Oregon Culinary Institute, budding charcuterie nerd, and evangelist for local produce. In addition to putting on Meadowlark dinners, she completed an internship at Nostrana. A dedicated social justice advocate, her professional background also includes several years of organizing CSAs in low-income neighborhoods for Just Food, a food justice organization based in New York City.

Emily has studied at the French Culinary Institute in NYC and more recently taught herself the art of artisan bread baking. She splits her time between editing books (with a focus on cookbooks and academic food studies books) and cooking: she can be found in the kitchen at Lovely's 50-50 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and at Our Table Cooperative on Fridays. In addition to nurturing her sourdough starter, she enjoys exploring culinary traditions from around the world, especially the rustic edges of cuisines from the Mediterranean to East Asia.

Jen and Emily met in Brooklyn, NY, more than a decade ago, but were both lured west by Portland's unparalleled food scene, beautiful natural environment, and creative, DIY spirit.


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