A Portland supper club for social justice. Our monthly benefit dinners emphasize rustic, handcrafted cuisine and local ingredients.

Beginning in January 2017, we have donated 100% of the proceeds from our monthly benefit dinners to different social justice organizations. Thanks to everyone who has attended our events so far this year, we've raised over $5,000 for progressive causes!

Our next event, a Red Sauce Italian Supper, will take place on Sunday, October 22, at the Feastly Commons in Southeast Portland. Emily and Jen spent their formative years in New York and New Jersey, respectively, where classic Italian cuisine—including dishes like spaghetti marinara, meatballs, tricolor salad, and tiramisu—proliferates. At this dinner—a benefit for the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization—we will celebrate the nostalgic foods of one of the first immigrant communities in the country using farm-fresh ingredients. Tickets include a three-course dinner and hors d'oeuvres, and can be purchased via Feastly. Wine pairings will be sold separately.



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